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“Hospitality”= Omotenashi

It requires genuine empathy and concern.

We are Omotenashi Japan Properties, a 100% Japanese real estate company. Currently, we have an office located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s business district. As a Cambodian real estate company with strong local ties, we have a reputation for providing real estate solutions that meet the diverse needs of real estate professionals in Phnom Penh and elsewhere from within the country.
We would like to continue being a partner in the development of both Cambodia and Japan.

Representative Director Kazuyoshi Tanaka

Meet Our Team

OWNER / Kazuyoshi Tanaka OWNER / Kazuyoshi Tanaka

Place of Birth Osaka, Japan
Hobby Golf
Career 15 years of real estate
Certification Real Estate Transaction Specialist, Family Coordinator

My first journey into Cambodia began during a vacation 2019. Since then, I have been captivated by its different charm – feeling a sense of hope for my future. I was able to establish a company through meeting wonderful people such as Dara and Makara. Back in Japan, I run a company with about 30 people. With my many years of experience in Japan, I would like to have a feeling of “Omotenashi” and create a company with safety and reliability in mind for our clients.

Executive Officer / Kosuke KatoExecutive Officer / Kosuke Kato

Place of Birth Osaka, Japan
Hobby Travelling
Careerr 18 years of real estate
Certification Real Estate Transaction Specialist, Administrative Scrivener

I’ve had to privilege to work with Mr. Tanaka for over 15 years. We travel abroad together every year, and from our common dream of wanting to work abroad, we decided to establish a real estate company in Cambodia. I’ve been running a real estate company in Japan for 10 years, and I would like to make full use of my expertise while blending in with the local culture.


Place of Birth Condal Province (1990)
Hobby Real estate work

I began my work as a real estate staff in Japan Properties from 1st of July 2020. I look forward to working with everyone.


Place of Birth Kom Pung Cham Province (1982)
Hobby Gym, volleyball, listening to music

I’ve had the privilege of being a Japanese guide for Angkor World Heritage Sites for about 18 years. From June 01, 2020 this year, I became a staff member of Japan Properties. I look forward to working alongside my coworkers.


Place of Birth Bantey Menchey Province (1990)
Hobby Gym, studying, listening to music

After working as a cosmetics sales staff and restaurant staff, I became a staff member of Omotenashi Japan Properties from June 01, 2020 this year. I look forward to working with everybody.

Company Infomation

Omotenashi japan Properties
Company Name Omotenashi japan Properties
CEO Tanaka Kazuyoshi
Address Borey Peng Huoth De Star Daimen, Home No.108 , Street No.C-01, Chak Eung Re Krorm, Khan Men Chey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Phone no.
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